Our Team

Nucleus’s Custom Services division is a diverse, somewhat nerdy, highly competent team of full-time medical writers, illustrators, and animators who have earned graduate degrees in their craft, from prestigious, CAAHEP-accredited U.S. universities. Specialists in account management, project management, and video post-production round out the team.

Bill Braswell

Vice President, Global Sales

Jack Rautenstrauch

Sales Associate

Ed Stewart

Vice President of Product Development

Mary Beth Clough

Senior Medical Editor

Mike Gleason

Senior Medical Writer

Hoc Kho

Senior Medical Animator

Doug Walp

Senior Medical Animator

Tara Colquitt

Medical Animator

Jenna Espeseth

Medical Animator

Clara Oh

Medical Animator – Technical Lead

Brian Wilson

Production Director, Senior Medical Illustrator

Michael Collins

Senior Medical Illustrator, Exhibit Consultant

Leslie Leonard

Senior Medical Illustrator, Medical Writer

Damian Williamson

Senior Medical Illustrator, Maintenance Director

Myrna Caban-Reyes

Senior Medical Illustrator

Nic Joseph

Post-Production Specialist

Bill Blount

Graphic Designer