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The underlying cause of bladder cancer is found in DNA mutations, leading to abnormal protein expression. These mutations can cause malignant cell proliferation. Current diagnostic tests have poor sensitivity and focus on abnormal protein biomarker detection, which is downstream from the cause of the problem.

Convergent Genomics has developed UroAmplitude, a proprietary urine sequencing platform. UroAmplitude progresses beyond the biomarker era, going to the cause of malignancy – the DNA mutations. By sequencing 60 genes associated with urothelial cancer, this revolutionary technology evaluates over 240,000 locations where a mutation could exist, providing previously unachievable insight.

Award of Merit

2021 Association of Medical Illustrators Conference Salon

You guys are awesome and I'm super happy with the final product.

Trevor LevinCo-founder and CEO at Convergent Genomics

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